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Key Products : Alternator Auto Parts And starter motor parts

Established in1979, SI Engineering Products Pvt Ltd is the leading manufacturer, exporter and supplier of all types of sheet metal components, rectifier assemblies, alternator components, carbon brush assemblies and other auto parts and auto ALTERNATOR AND DRIVE ASSEMBLY COMPONENTS. The company has a good reputation in the domestic and international markets.

As an ISO 9002: 1994 certified company; SI Engineering's highly qualified and experienced professionals concentrate more on the quality of the products than on quantity. The company's products adhere to stringent quality norms. They are made using state-of-the-art machinery and are tested for their durability and reliability.


The company specialises in manufacturing alternator components such as fan alternators and fans. It also manufactures high-quality drive assembly components as per customer specifications.

SI Engineering, equipped with world-class infrastructure, satisfies customer requirements while maintaining superior product quality. The company also has the most advanced modern tool room, equipped with a complete range of precision instruments for inspection, testing and other quality control measurements. The production unit has facilities such as EDM (Electric Discharge Machining), MMTR, cylindrical grinder jig boring machines and wire cutters.


Drive Assembly Components

SI Engineering specialises in the manufacture and supply of a wide range of auto and auto ALTERNATOR AND DRIVE ASSEMBLY COMPONENTS that are reputed for their reliability, durability and superior quality.


The company manufactures auto ALTERNATOR AND DRIVE ASSEMBLY COMPONENTS, different types of engineering components, brush gear assemblies for electric motor starters, alternator auto parts, starter motor parts for two wheels and four wheels, solenoid switch parts and different types of rectifier plates. It also manufactures sheet metal components with various materials including CRCA, HRCA, spring steel, brass, copper and aluminium.


Carbon Brush Assembly

SI Engineering supplies a wide range of carbon brush assemblies and components that are in great demand. It manufactures carbon brush assemblies such as starter motors for M42, M45 and M50, as well as motors for Bosch 12V, 24V and Maruthi. The company also manufactures carbon brush assembly components, such as carbon brush plates for Bosch and M42, M45 and M50.


Moreover, the company specialises in the manufacture of a range of carbon brush assemblies for three wheelers.


Sheet Metal & Draw Components

SI Engineering manufactures high-precision sheet metal components and sheet metal draw components. The company manufactures a wide range of customised mounting brackets, regular brackets and suspension brackets and specialises in manufacturing other precision parts, including starter motor covers, parts, terminals, hanger silencer, clutch fork and two wheeler brake shoe plates.


In addition, SI Engineering supplies sheet metal draw components, e.g. starter motor housings, S90 CE brackets, KB alternator cups and voltage regulator covers. It also supplies clutch drives and inner drums for mopeds, magneto or rotor assemblies and clutch outer drums for two wheelers.


Auto Parts & Components

SI Engineering supplies coil lamps, TV parts, fuel caps, sprockets, starting levers, etc. The company specialises in manufacturing clamps for coil lamps in Maruti and Zen. It also manufactures starting levers for M42, M45/50 and M90.


Moreover, the company supplies high quality TV parts, such as TV heat sinks, fuel caps for gensets and a variety of sprockets for two wheelers.


Rectifier Assembly Components

Rectifier assembly components and starter motor components, manufactured by SI Engineering, are highly durable and reliable parts. The company manufactures a wide range of high quality rectifier plates in its rectifier assembly components section that are used in various assemblies, as well as starter motor components, e.g. covers and intermediate brackets.

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