KW V5 coilover suspension with solid piston dampers for classic Honda NSX: Modern suspension technology for one of the most innovative sports cars of the nineties

2 May 2024

KW classic suspension applications are far more than just spare parts for classic cars and young classics. They combine high-quality components with state-of-the-art damper technology. This gives vintage vehicles the driving comfort and dynamics of the modern day without losing their unique character. The Honda NSX (NA1), considered one of the most innovative sports cars of the nineties, even benefits from the new generation of KW classic suspension kits with solid piston dampers. Due to numerous customer requests, the suspension manufacturer now offers the KW V5 coilover kit for the famous Japanese mid-engine sports car. With its solid piston dampers, the suspension gives the NSX more direct handling and increased tire grip. The ride comfort also benefits from the more sensitive damping. As well as the option of continuously lowering the Honda NSX by up to 55 millimeters, the KW V5 Solid Piston dampers can be individually fine-tuned in the four driving dynamics parameters of high-speed and low-speed compression as well as high-speed and low-speed rebound.  More at

Following the successful market launch of the KW V5 coilover suspension kit for current supercars and sports cars, the suspension will also be introduced for selected older vehicle models. “In 2023, we introduced the V5 for the timeless Porsche Carrera GT (980),” says KW classic car expert Sascha Daucher. “Based on the demand from Japan and the USA for a KW V5 coilover suspension for the first and second generation of the Acura NSX or Honda NSX, we now offer it, including technical part certification, for the NA1 and NA2.”

The technology of the late 1980s meets the motorsport technology of today.

In recent years, the first two Honda NSX generations (NA1 and NA2) have become a real hype among enthusiasts. It is common to see prices well over 70,000 euros, and some notable models, such as the NSX-R, have changed hands in Japan for the equivalent of 350,000 euros. “The KW V5 Classic suspension is based on our solid piston dampers homologized for GT3 customer sport, which is used by Aston Martin, BMW, and Porsche,” says Sascha Daucher. “For GT3 racing cars, our KW V6 racing suspensions are five-way adjustable, while the classic suspension, similar to the KW V5 for current vehicle models, is four-way adjustable.” This means that the preset initial setup can be adjusted individually to be more comfortable or sportier in the high-speed and low-speed range of the compression and rebound damping with 13 clicks. The suspension absorbs these uneven road sections cleanly when riding over manhole covers, transverse joints, or small bumps, even with little suspension travel. Solid piston suspension damps are so convincingly due to the damper design. “With our racing applications, we can cover a large force from 1500 N to 12000 N with our modular valves and the solid piston design. This allows us to work with lower spring rates and make the entire damper more compact than other systems,” summarizes KW Classic expert Sascha Daucher. No matter in which damper setup and on which road the classic Honda NSX is driven with the KW V5 coilover suspension kit, the suspension responds much more dynamically than the standard suspension from the early nineties. The steering is becoming increasingly precise; the handling is more direct, and the legendary sports car drives with plenty of safety reserves even at the boundaries of driving dynamics. All this is even with maximum lowering, which can be set between 35 and 55 millimeters in the NSX according to the parts certificate. In addition, the well-known KW V3 and the KW V3 Clubsport coilover suspension made of stainless steel are also available.  More at

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