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Automotive Industry White Papers offer views, problems and solutions for a particular problem related to your company. Latest White Papers in Automotive brings awareness on your company’s products and services, influencing company’s brand image. Automotive white papers detail innovative solutions from research studies for intricate procedures. Global Automotive Industry White Papers retain customer interest across all channels as they help to engage with your customers.

When the manufacturing process is halted due to machine misalignment, companies risk losing a significant amount of investment in the form of time delay, reduced productivity, and scraps. However, these costs can be avoided if companies take careful ownership of preventative maintenance, minimizing the likelihood of equipment failure or downtime.

In the world of motorbikes, the affinity that a rider feels for his beloved machine is an extremely strong one. A motorbike is not simply a mode of transport, but must be safe, provide comfort and style, and at times also play the role of reflecting the rider’s personality. PLOT…

Ford Motor Company manufactures and distributes Ford and Lincoln automobiles around the world. Headquartered in Dearborn, Michigan, Ford has 65 plants worldwide and approximately 172,000 employees. The organization also provides financial services through Ford Motor Credit Company. Creating an in-vehicle technology platform Automobile manufacturing is no longer just about the…

Jaguar Land Rover plc is an automobile manufacturer headquartered in the United Kingdom. It produces and manages three famous British automobile brands, Jaguar, Land Rover and Range Rover. The company was acquired by Tata Motors of India in 2008. Jaguar Land Rover employs approximately 25,000 people and generates an annual…

There is a continuous trend in the automotive industry towards greener, safer cars, with ongoing pressure on costs and affordability. Greener in this case is usually associated with maximising fuel efficiency while delivering the lowest possible CO2  emissions per kilometre.

Tata Steel studied the front seat from the recently-launched WorldAutoSteel ‘Future Steel Vehicle’ - an ultra-lightweight body structure concept for future electric/hybrid vehicles with 35% weight reduction compared with the project baseline vehicle (and 23% compared with current production small cars).

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The complete assembly that comprises of the wheel rim, spokes and nipples, along with tubes, tyres and hub assembly forms the wheel assembly.

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The implements use to produce stampings are called press tools and the jigs & fixtures, used to weld them together to form assemblies and inspect them.

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The steel sheet post cutting is rolled and welded longitudinally. This is followed by the processes such as socket hole cutting & welding, circumferential weld, lug & support weld. The quality checks include X-Ray and Hydro test followed by shot blasting, metalizing & Painting.

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The tubes are formed when the metallic sheets are rolled and the edges are joined through welding over the entire length. These tubes are then manipulated to various sizes and shapes for various applications in the vehicles such as exhaust, chassis and various other members.