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Complex issues prevalent in the Automotive Industry and their innovative solutions along with the ideology behind them are eloquently explained through our White Papers section. These are accessible to anyone and everyone who visits our portal.

Wheel Assemblies

JBM Group
The complete assembly that comprises of the wheel rim, spokes and nipples, along with tubes, tyres and hub assembly forms the wheel assembly.

Tooling, Jigs and Fixtures

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The implements use to produce stampings are called press tools and the jigs & fixtures, used to weld them together to form assemblies and inspect them.


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The steel sheet post cutting is rolled and welded longitudinally. This is followed by the processes such as socket hole cutting & welding, circumferential weld, lug & support weld. The quality checks include X-Ray and Hydro test followed by shot blasting, metalizing & Painting.

Tubes And Tubular components

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The tubes are formed when the metallic sheets are rolled and the edges are joined through welding over the entire length. These tubes are then manipulated to various sizes and shapes for various applications in the vehicles such as exhaust, chassis and various other members.