Eaton Vehicles and Vehicle Electrification Group provides electronically controlled variable valve actuation technology for Great Wall Motor engines

2 May 2024

Eaton, the intelligent power management company, today announced that Eaton has officially become the supplier of Chinese automaker Great Wall Motor Company’s Electric Drive Electronically Controlled Variable Valve Actuation System (EMAS). supplier. The system has an early intake valve closing (EIVC) function and is suitable for the hybrid vehicle (HEV) series.

Alessio Lorenzon, global engineering manager, valve business, Eaton Vehicles and Vehicle Electrification Group, said: "Emission regulations are driving customers around the world to adopt new technologies. We are honored to provide Great Wall Motors with variable valve actuation technology that, when combined with vehicle hybridization, can Improve the fuel economy of Great Wall's new hybrid series of passenger cars.

The Eaton EMAS system is a technology based on a traditional valvetrain with multi-level control actuation capabilities, allowing manufacturers to select the intake lift that best suits the engine characteristic map. When the engine is at low and medium speeds and torque, the system will provide an EIVC function that can reduce trapped air and pumping losses in the cylinder, thereby improving overall engine efficiency. When the engine requires maximum performance, the system switches to longer valve phases to maximize power output. The EMAS system is easily integrated into the engine valve train and cylinder head and is controlled by simple electronically controlled actuators to balance engine performance and fuel economy.

Eaton's innovative new system is different from traditional variable valve actuation (VVA) technology solutions. It includes switchable rocker arms, drive shafts and electric actuators, ultimately achieving on-demand actuation. This configuration makes the system unaffected by oil temperature changes, enables rapid switching over a very wide engine operating range, and also enables safe rocker arm switching when the engine is running at high speeds.

Lorenzon said: “Our EMAS technology is easily scalable and can be used in all engine families from three to six cylinders with only minor changes in the mechanical connection between the drive mechanism and the rocker arm. Switchable rocker arm Composed of stamped and cold-forged parts, it helps improve manufacturability without compromising performance.”

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