Guansheng Auto Parts Manufacture

Guansheng Auto Parts Manufacture

No. 1 Gaoxiang RD
Ouhai Hi-tech Industrial Zone

AboutGuansheng Auto Parts Manufacture

Guansheng Auto Parts Manufacture Co., Ltd (GSP), established in 1985, is a leading professional manufacturer in the field of automotive spare parts such as CV (Constant Velocity) joints and CV axles. As one of the pioneering private automotive spare parts manufacturers in China, GSP has become a competitive player in the CV joint and CV axle aftermarket in China and worldwide.


GSP provides quality products and excellent services to its customers. The company is certified to ISO 9001, QS9000 and VDA6.1 international quality standards. To enhance product quality, GSP has invested heavily in the introduction of advanced machines, such as numerical control machines, magnetic inspection equipment, breaking testers and fatigue testers.



At present, GSP has seven factories with a yearly production capacity of 5 million CV joints and 1.2 million drive shafts. The CV joint application is over 1,200 and the drive shaft application is over 600. With the support of strong technical forces, GSP has the capacity to develop over 50 new samples each month and the product quality criteria are top amongst CV joint factories in China.