CV Joints

GSP manufactures a variety of CV joints for a wide range of vehicles by major manufacturers from Japan, Asia, Europe and America.


A ribbed rubber boot covers a constant velocity joint (CV joint) at both ends of a drive shaft. The CV joint is a flexible coupling that allows the outer wheel to steer, and the drive shaft to follow the up-and-down motions of the suspension as the vehicle travels. The outboard CV joint connecting the drive wheel typically has a much wider operating angle than the inboard CV joint that connects to the transaxle.



GSP manufactures AC type CV joints, which allow power transmission through six spherical balls located between inner and outer race. It manufactures AC type outer CV joint for OPEL and outboard CV joints specially developed with a molybdenum coating on the ball groove of inner races as well as the cage. Tripod joints from GSP do not have balls but uses needle-bearing rollers mounted on a three-legged spider. The VL type CV joint is a sliding joint for the drive shaft; it has balls moving in the oblique tracks, so as to transmit the torque.


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