Precision Press Components

A press shop combines many different functions, including materials handling and storage, as well as the precision press operations. Data management is critical because absolute traceability of finished panels is vital for efficient operations; inaccurate, incomplete or lost data will reduce productivity massively.

Within Mitsubishi’s solution is every technology required for successful operations. Inverters such as our FR family offer energy saving benefits wherever motors are used, from the high power units running the press itself to the material handling systems taking raw material in and finished panels out.

Precision servos such as the MR-J4 family run automated ASRS cranes for panels in temporary storage, while controllers such as the iQ Platform orchestrate the general operations and provide powerful data management abilities.

A comprehensive open network architecture such as CC-Link reduces wiring costs, simplifies maintenance and insures information is readily available where needed, when needed. This all combines into one highly efficient and flexible production system that is straightforward in its initial set up, reliable in operation and simple to reconfigure as changing market demands dictate.

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