Paint Shop

The paint shop is another critical process area in automotive manufacture. The finish is absolutely critical to the customer’s perception of quality, and the variations in possible colours give manufacturers the opportunity to differentiate themselves.

Environmental compliance in increasingly important, while there is a constant drive to reduce wastage and therefore costs. As elsewhere, traceability has to be 100 per cent.

These combined requirements for high quality and maximum traceability place stringent demands on control systems.

Quality depends not simply on how well the paint is applied, but also temperature and humidity are critical aspects to be considered and controlled.

At the same time, automotive manufacturers must also focus on the impact of potential paint spray related pollution and take steps to neutralise potentially harmful emissions before they reach the atmosphere.

Mitsubishi can offer an integrated solution to address all these issues. Our System Q can combine precise control of paint temperature and booth environmental conditions with emissions compliance monitoring. The FR Family of inverters offers high power models that also offer maximum energy efficiency in air house fans. Our controller and network portfolio provides the necessary coordination between these systems and with the rest of the plant using the e-F@ctory technology of our MES interfaces. This insures the necessary data management capabilities to insure the required levels of process transparency and traceability.

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