Company : Oxford Bond Sdn. Bhd

Category : Body / Chassis and Components

Key Products : Auto Lathe, Automotive Shaft

Oxford Bond, an ISO 9001: 2000 certified company, manufactures customised turning products and specialises in maintaining precision tolerance. The company is a preferred choice with petroleum, automobile, audio, telecommunication, electronic and equipment, furniture and mould industries.

CNC Turning Machine

Oxford bond uses CNC turning lathe center to enhance its productivity. The company has ranges of CNC turning Lathe centers equipped with latest technology enables the company to produce high quality components. CNC turning produces parts by "turning" rod material and feeding a single-point cutter into the turning material. Software program tooling is used to control CNC Turning. Rigid metals including hard plastics are used in CNC turning. A variety of plain, taper, contour, fillet and radius profiles plus threaded surfaces can be achieved with CNC turning. CNC turning can be used to create shafts, rods, hubs, bushes, pulleys etc. Oxford Bond has been supplying CNC turning parts directly to car maker from Japan and Korea.

Auto Lathe Machine

Auto Lathe is used to produce high quality products. Auto lathe is a multi-slide turning machine ideally suited for large volume production. Modular construction concept is used for developing the auto lathe machine. Auto lathe could have up to 4 slides and comes with a variety of tooling, work holding and work handling options to suit specific requirements. Auto lathes are operated hydraulically and are controlled by programmable logic controllers. Job loading and unloading is done without spindle stop from hopper elevator. Double speed hydraulic operated slides in auto lathe smoothen the precision turning. All moving components in auto lathe are regulated by centralized automatic lubrication system. Oxford Bond has been supplying huge volume precision bushes to car airbag manufacturer made from auto lathe machines.

Component Assembly

Oxford bond manufactures wide range of component assemblies. Component assembly can be tailored as per various industrial requirements. Component assembly is customized according to specifications. Machining material including stainless steel, aluminium, carbon steel, copper, brass, nylon etc are used to produce component assembly products. Surface treatment and plating including blue zinc, tin, nickel, silver and gold plating are also provided for component assembly. The company has acquired high precision machines and technology to manufacture component assembly.

Automotive Shaft, Pin & Bush

Oxford Bond engineers a wide range of automobile shaft, bush and pin for use in automobile industry. Automotive shaft, bush and pins manufactured by the company provide extraordinary performance and long lasting features. Bulk supply of automotive shaft, bush and pins are provided at short span of time coupled with high quality. The company has acquired latest technology machines and quality materials to manufacture customized automotive shaft, bush and pins of high precision requirements. Oxford bond has been supplying worldwide automotive manufacturers in various applications including safety, power transmission, car seat as well as car body fastening industry.

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