Successful Conclusion of SOUEAST Motor Global Investment Promotion Conference: Launching a New Chapter in Globalization Strategy

7 May 2024

SOUEAST Motor hosted the "Hi, SOUEAST" Global Investment Promotion Conference in Fuzhou, China, attracting hundreds of potential dealer partners from 23 countries.

Accelerating Global Expansion

"SOUEAST Motor aims to expand its presence to 80+ countries and regions, establishing 1,500 sales networks. We will invest in 10 KD factories and 3 manufacturing centers worldwide, aiming to achieve the strategic goal of 500,000 units in overseas sales by 2029." Mr. Ke, Vice President of SOUEAST Motor, said, "Our strategic goal is building a world-class brand, becoming a first-tier exporter in China."

13 Innovative Models in 5 Years

Fully Covering Mainstream Market Segments

By leveraging the top R&D team and world-class supply chain, SOUEAST Motor plans to launch 13 innovative models within five years, spanning ICE, PHEV, and BEV options across SUVs and sedans to target diverse global markets from B to D segments. At the conference, SOUEAST Motor unveiled its latest flagship, the S09, featuring 2-wheel and 4-wheel drive options.

Brand Upgrade

Leading an "Urban Ease Lifestyle"

At the conference, SOUEAST Motor unveiled its "EASE YOUR LIFE" proposition, centered around stylish, comfortable and warm-tech automotive solutions aimed at providing modern urbanites with an easy and comfortable experience amidst their fast-paced lives.

Mr. Chen, President of SOUEAST Motor International, said, "We proactively develop LHD, RHD and EU markets, relying on four pillars which are new brand, new products, new channels and new marketing. We will provide various support for our global dealer partners, including support from after-sales service, KD factory construction, finance, IT system, personnel allocation and business policy."

Established in 1995, SOUEAST Motor has 20 years of global operations, aiming to further earn trust and praise from global consumers with exceptional products and services, heralding a new era in global development.

SOUEAST Motor warmly welcomes high-quality global partners to join forces, leveraging shared global strategic resources and technological advantages to achieve mutually beneficial growth. Together with global partners, SOUEAST Motor aims to shape a new landscape for future mobility.