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AboutRubber Intertrade co. Ltd

RUBBER INTERTRADE CO., LTD (RBI), based in Thailand, manufactures and exports a comprehensive range of automotive rubber parts, rubber to metal bonded parts for various applications including passenger cars, pick up and light trucks. In addition, the company is leading supplier of replacement parts to the aftermarket. With 27 years of expertise in producing automotive rubber parts under the "RBI" brand, the company strives to provide a wide range of reliable quality products at most competitive prices to its worldwide customers. High quality output is ensured through controlled production. A laboratory with well equipped testing facilities is maintained to conduct Q.C operations and monitor entire quality control program. Each part manufactured by RBI performs a specific function in the automobile it is fitted in. This requires every part manufactured by the company to rigidly fit to its functional use. RBI achieves this by using high performance injection molding machines, high technology equipment, selected raw materials, skilled manpower, standard molding tooling and quality control.


Major factors that enable RBI to outstand the competition include superior quality products, comprehensive range, competitive cost, short lead time delivery, and controlled manufacturing process. RBI provides value for money to its customers worldwide by producing quality products at competitive prices, and prevents them from purchasing inferior quality products at a lower price.



Arm bushing , Suspension Bushing



RBI is one of the leading producers of Arm Bushing in Thailand. The company produces high quality bushing that guarantees improved performance, greater durability and outstanding finishing appearance. Suspension bushing is vital in maintaining automotive control while driving. Suspension bushing is placed to eliminate compression and flex. RBI Suspension bushing is enhanced over stock bushing, and makes the installation process smoother. RBI carries a comprehensive range suspension bushing for both passenger and Pick Up vehicles. These suspension bushings have firm mounting, maintain proper component alignment, improved handling, cornering and control. RBI Bushing are competitively priced.



Engine Mounting



Engine mounting isolates the vibration from the engine to the chassis so as to guarantee the comfort and enhance the life of the vehicle. RBI offers high quality engine mountings at competitive prices. RBI's engine mountings are made of high quality rubber and highly damped to control the idle shake and engine mounting resonance. These engine mountings absorb shocks from static load conditions. A good engine mounting is essential for smooth movement of the vehicle. Engine mounting plays a vital role in reducing the vehicle noise.



Shock Absorber Mounting



Shock absorber mounting reduce transmitted road noise and suspension vibration. Shock Absorber Mounting is produced of high quality rubber formula and assembled with new Japanese bearing that guarantee life long vehicles Shock Up.



Insulator Engine



RBI develops superior quality insulator engines. RBI has a controlled production process for manufacturing flawless insulator engines. A quality control program is maintained to monitor up-to-standard steel with punctual dimension and quality assembly of insulator engines produced. Insulator engines are produced for passenger cars, pickup and light trucks. With more than 27 years of production experience RBI exports insulator engines to the global market. RBI insulator engines are competitively priced, and the company is renowned for prompt delivery.