O/E/N India Limited

O/E/N India Limited

PO Box 1952
Vyttilla, Cochin - 682 019

AboutO/E/N India Limited

O/E/N, based in India, has been a leading manufacturer of high-quality electromechanical components since 1969.


Our extensive electromechanical component range includes relays, switches, potentiometers and allied assemblies. Additional services include contract manufacture of electromechanical components to meet individual customer requirements.



The company produces a wide range of electromechanical components for industrial instrumentation and controls, automotive electronics, communication applications, strategic electronics and high-end consumer electronic applications.






O/E/N manufactures a wide range of international-standard automotive relays. Our automotive relay range includes open, enclosed and sealed versions of PCB mountable relays and plug-in enclosed relays with ISO terminals.






O/E/N supplies a wide range of open, enclosed and washable-type PCB-mountable automotive relays.



Our open PCB mountable automotive relays are available with various contact materials. O/E/N's automotive power relays with contact ratings of up to 45A are suitable for 12V and 24V systems. PCB-mountable automotive relays are available in SPST and SPDT circuitry. The company also supplies twin / dual automotive relays.






Apart from automotive relays O/E/N also designs and manufactures signal relays, cradle relays, hermetically-sealed relays, power relays, instrumentation and control panel relays, input / output relays, Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition (SCADA) relays, control relays, auxiliary relays, miniature power relays, contact multiplying relays and interposing relays.






O/E/N supplies a wide variety of switches that include rotary wafer switches, DIP Switches and snap-action switches. Our rotary switches use OAK's patented index mechanism making them rugged and suitable for demanding applications.






The company offers miniature multiturn cermet trimmer potentiometers in two models. The standard resistance values range from 100? to 1M? and can handle up to 0.5W at 70°C.






O/E/N has three state-of-the-art assembly and vertically-integrated manufacturing facilities located in suburbs of Cochin and Bangalore with over 18,000m2 of factory space.



Our fully integrated manufacturing facilities include:



  • Air conditioned, dust-controlled assembly areas
  • Pre-production facilities for pressed metal parts and moulded plastic parts
  • Well-equipped tool room with tool design centre
  • Well-equipped test laboratories
  • Research and development laboratories






Quality Management and Other Standards:



  • Quality Management System: ISO 9001-2000
  • Automotive production lines: ISO / TS 16949
  • Environmental Management System: ISO 14001
  • Occupational Health and Safety: OSHAS 18001