Hi-Pad Autoparts Co., Ltd

Hi-Pad Autoparts Co., Ltd

Shandong Province

AboutHi-Pad Autoparts Co., Ltd

The automotive parts company Hi-Pad is a fast-growing disc brake pads manufacturer located in Shandong province, China. Hi-Pad manufactures asbestos-free type disc brake pads, for which the rubbing factor is from EE to GG. Presently, the annual manufacturing capacity is over 1.2 million sets with over 600 different models.


With advanced equipment, technology and an automatically controlled process, Hi-Pad strictly takes the international quality control systems of ISO-9002 and QS-9000 into practice, guaranteeing the high efficiency of technology and high quality of the products.






Hi-Pad manufactures automobile brake shoes and brake pads available in more than 600 different models, with all items having long usage lives. The company is capable of manufacturing brake pads and high-shear strength disc brake pads for passenger cars and commercial vehicles. We carry out bus brake pad production on the largest scale in China.



The brake pads and shoes manufactured by Hi-Pad are custom-fit and the non-asbestos organic friction delivers balanced braking for drum applications. They deliver maximum controlled vehicle deceleration without pitch and roll. They eliminate potential loss of control during hard braking and help in smooth, quiet braking performance.






The rubbing materials of the company have been approved by China non-metal materials supervision and examination centre with each criteria meeting the requirements of GB5763-98. It is also approved by the Detroit LINK examination and has acquired the VESC-3 certificate. All products provide the advantages of a sensitive performance and are noiseless, free from pollution and ensure a long life.



With the perfect ability and conditions for product Research & Development, Hi-Pad has a special mould design and making centre. The company supplies all kinds of asbestos, semimetal and non-metal disc brakes according to customers' demands, which adapt to different vehicles, regions and prescriptions.



Apart from Hi-Pad, Zhaoyuan is the main production centre and their Shanghai office is the export centre that takes care of customer service, sourcing, and also deals with automotive products from other companies.






Hi-Pad was established on 9 August 2004 with the mergence of Zhangyuan Shuanglong Automobile Fittings Co., Ltd., which is a joint venture approved by Shandong People's Government of the People's Republic of China in 2001. Shuanglong mainly manufactures asbestos-free type disc brake pads. It possesses world-class equipment and technology, specially designed and manufactured to North American prescriptions. The company has two branch offices in Shanghai and Shenzhen.