Chetak Autoengg. Products Co. Pvt. Ltd

Chetak Autoengg. Products Co. Pvt. Ltd

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AboutChetak Autoengg. Products Co. Pvt. Ltd


Chem-Verse Consultants (India) Private Limited (CVC) specialises in manufacturing of chemicals, industrial aerosols and protective coatings. Based in Mumbai, India, the ISO:9001-certified company manufactures a wide range of “AUTO CARE PRODUCTS” such as protective coating, antifreeze coolant, power window lubricant, brake cleaner, sprayable grease, dash-board polish, belt-dresser, carburettor cleaner, battery coat, rust remover, zinc coating spray, diesel / petrol additive, lube additive and engine & radiator flushers etc.

Company has the state of the art manufacturing facility supported by fully equipped QC and R&D Lab. This is supported by highly qualified technical staff. The company firmly believes in meeting its environmental & social obligations. The Company has developed Eco-friendly, Water-based High Performance Cleaner – Aquakleen, to replace kerosene & petrol used in garages for cleaning engines & components.

Company exports various range of products to many of the European, African & South-East Asian Countries.



CVC Chromguard is an excellent protective coating for all chrome and metallic parts fitted on Cars, Motorcycles, Scooters etc. against rain, dust, corrosion etc. It prevents tarnishing (dulling effect) of shiny chrome parts due to weathering effect. It also protects brass, copper and alloy metallic surfaces found in Tyre rims, Handle bars, Leg guards, Steel bolts & nuts, Spokes, Alloy wheels and Carriers etc. of all vehicles.


Chem-Verse’s Window Dresser is an excellent polymer-based lubricant for rubber, plastic, metal, etc. The Window Dresser allows smooth up and down movements of window glasses. The Window Dresser protects rubber parts from different types of weathering effects.


They are concentrated high performance and multi-functional additives such as Diesel / Petrol Additives, Lube Additives, Radiator Coolants / Additives, Engine Flushers etc. to enhance the fuel efficiency and performance of fuel systems & engine operations in all types of vehicles. Following are the wide range of products:


  • CVC FIC (Fuel Injector Cleaner / Petrol Additive)
  • DFA-561 (Diesel Additive)
  • Decarb (Decarbonizing Solvent for Petrol Engines)
  • Polylube (X) (Engine Oil Additive)
  • Oil Saver-77(Additive for worn-out Diesel Engines)
  • Gear Add (Gear Oil Additive)
  • Flusher (E) (Engine Oil Flush)
  • Flusher (G) (Gear Oil Flush)
  • Carburettor Cleaner Spray (Carburettor-cum-Injector Cleaner Spray)
  • Rad-Add (Radiator Energizer / Coolant Additive)
  • Flusher (R) (Radiator Energizer / Coolant Additive)