Piston Assembly Line

Piston Assembly Line are for Two wheeler piston and three wheeler piston ring assembly, Bottom and top Piston ring, scrap ring assembly. It has Manual loading of piston, Optimized cycle time, Settable and control as per recipe, Automatic piston sensing.


Some of the features of Marking Machine are - Caliper Residual torquing machine, Caliper loading and unloading manual , Caliper bracket torquing on machine, High precession rotor spindle and drive arrangement, Inline torque measurement, Residual torque result judgment for result ok and not-ok, Online marking machine. Dot matrix , batch code ,real time controller.



Some of the features of Camera Inspection machine are - Two wheeler break assembly, Hydraulic brake assembly, Cylinder & piston assembly, Automatic Primary seal and secondary seal assembly, Piston assembly inspection by camera, Reverse seal fitment inspection, Piston inspection, Seal damage inspection.


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