Gantry Robotics

Gantry is ideal for complex material handling applications. This module can be used to minimize the floor space of an automated system. Applications of the gantry module are material handling of several conveyance systems. Gantry module creates highly flexible manufacturing solutions. Gantry or Material handling automation improves the efficiency of manufacturing processes. Automation exceeds human limitations of speed, reliability, and strength. Solutions can use multiple part grippers and are ideal for handling large or unusual part shapes.


Applications include



  • Loading monorail conveyor
  • Part assembly
  • Part transfer
  • Part inspection
  • Dual or multiple part grippers and pneumatic suction cups
  • Handling large, bulky products or parts
  • Handling/palletizing of unusual shapes or difficult to handle loads
  • Manufacturing line automation
  • Interface with buffer conveyor and other device


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