Refrigerated Van

Chaphekar Engineering provides insulated/refrigerated vans to cater to the varied requirements of customers.


Feature of Refer Van:



  • To prevent corrosion, refrigerated vans basic steel structure is treated for anti corrosion with either required aluminum panels/ GP panels as per choice internally or externally.
  • Refrigerated vans have 80 to 120 mm thick PUF insulation on all sides as per required temperature control, which have puff insulation density between 37 / 40 kg per cu meter.
  • Refrigerator vans have floor top covered with aluminium checkered plate and 12mm plywood over the insulation while bottom of the floor is covered either with the SS panel or aluminium panel.
  • For safety, Refrigerator Van have 270 degree opening 2 leaf-type rear doors with plated hinges and better ceiling with rubber beading and container type locking system.
  • Refrigerated unit installation will be carried out as per requirement.
  • Electricals and other fitments as per CMVR safety rules are available in Refrigerator van.


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