Pillarless Containers

Chaphekar engineering is sole supplier of containers to Tata Motors for their export requirement.


Features of Pillarless Containers:



  • Chaphekar Engineering’s pillarless containers are manufactured using MS corrugated panels which are produced from one piece with closed rolled CR sheets in vertical position with minimum joints.
  • In  Chaphekar pillarless container roof is prevented from sagging with the help of special folded section, which keeps the roof in rigid position.
  •  To increase the lifespan and appeal of the containers, Chaphekar Engineering uses high quality paint and pretreatment process for painting.
  • Chaphekar Engineering has solved the problem of water clogging by giving slight slope to the roof of the pillarless containers.
  • Chaphekar Engineering’s containers are well-ventilated and leak proof.
  • To make the loading and unloading of cargo easy and simultaneously from both sides, the container has side doors without pillars on both sides.
  • Pillarless Container has the necessary provision for the driver’s baggage and toolbox.
  • To make loading and unloading easy, and to create space for the forklift to move easily around the container, the hinges are made in such a way that they rotate the door at 180 degree and 270 degree.


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