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Available exclusively from BWI Group, MagneRide is a unique controlled suspension technology that utilizes magneto-rheological (MR) fluid-filled dampers and sophisticated control strategies to increase comfort and expand the performance limits of the vehicle.

MagneRide is available for all classes of passenger cars, light trucks, sports cars, and SUVs.


MagneRide uses magneto-rheological fluid to provide variable damping capability.

Unlike passive dampers that have only one performance characteristic, Magne Ride dampers can develop an almost infinite number of force characteristics within a very large damping force window.

MagneRide is deceptively simple. Damper valving is eliminated. The damper piston and rod assembly is the only moving part within the damper working chamber.

MagneRide exploits the novel characteristics of MR fluid. In the presence of a magnetic field, the MR fluid will “stiffen up.” In the absence of a magnetic field, it will flow like a normal liquid.

The simplicity of the damper is complimented by the speed and sophistication of the controlling mechanism. One thousand times per second, sensory inputs are read, damping forces are calculated, and resulting damping forces are applied.


For consumers, MagneRide increases driver comfort and handling capability, leading to great driver confidence in all situations and conditions.

MagneRide maximizes tire-to-road contact, minimizing the effect of unexpected hazards like a dip or crest in the road, in turns or on bumpy surfaces.

MagneRide improves road isolation and reduces driver fatigue, while at the same time, increased damping control makes driving seem effortless, even on demanding roads.

MagneRide combines the comfort you want with the control you need, resulting in a  smooth drive, every drive, whatever the road surface…

For automotive OEMs, MagneRide offers unparalleled damping capability, tunability, and control system flexibility.

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