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DualRide Active Suspension System

DualRide Active Suspension System

DualRide Active Suspension System


DualRide is an exciting new suspension alternative that gives the driver control over the driving experience to enjoy a luxury ride or aggressive sporty mode.

Switchable between ‘normal’ and a higher ‘sport’ or ‘loaded/trailering’ mode, DualRide gives choice and control to drivers, offering the option of personalized ride performance.

Utilizing vehicle sensor information and through the use of sophisticated control strategies, Dual Ride can be configured to automatically change damping level.

DualRide is available for all classes of passenger cars, light trucks, sports cars, and SUVs.


A simple electro-magnetic control mechanism selects between one or both pistons in-series to create the two different damping modes. There is no electrical power consumption in the ‘comfort’ mode.

DualRide has initially been configured for twin-tube dampers of 32 and 36 mm in diameter. Future developments will include monotube applications and an ‘automatic’ feature that will select quickly and seamlessly between ‘comfort’ and ‘sport’ or ‘loaded/trailering’ modes.

By responding to driving style and chassis inputs so that damping is optimally selected, this feature effectively provides the functionality of fully automatic adaptive suspension at a very competitive cost.


A standard suspension system is usually outfitted with passive dampers and those passive dampers – many times struts up front and shock absorbers out back – offer only one damping performance characteristic. In many situations, that’s sufficient, but there are other situations where one damping level just isn’t enough.

With DualRide adjustable damping, one can select more damping because of preference or because of need. This damping mode selection can be made through the driver interface, or through a dedicated ride control switch, and if the vehicle manufacture chooses to couple DualRide with an electronic suspension control module, some of this functionality can even be performed automatically.

For consumers, DualRide increases driver comfort and handling capability, leading to great driver confidence in all situations and conditions.

For vehicle OEMs, the great tunability of BWI Group’s premium passive twin-tube damper valving is maintained in the ‘normal’ mode, and a second valving system is used to provide the ‘sport’  or ‘loaded/trailering’ mode.

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