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Insert Collars

Insert Collars

Advanex provides insert collars, which are key components for automotive industry. These insert collars provide a reliable and durable fixing platform many plastic components found in a vehicle assembly such as; electronic sensors for ABS, fuel control, thermostat and cruise control systems; plastic engine covers and sumps; automatic gear selectors; pedak bar assemblies and structural plastic parts.

These insert collars are manufactured from high strength carbon steel (per ASTM A1008). The unique concept of our company provides a stronger bonding to parent plastic material, and uses a forming method, which can achieve tighter tolerances than many of the current ranges in the market. For exceptional corrosion resistance, a zinc-nickel with clear chromate plating is applies.

Advanex offers custom designed impressions.

Key features & benefits:

  • Prevents damage to parent material
  • Designed for either pressed-in or moulded-in applications
  • Superior retention & anti-rotational characteristics
  • Lower cost than solid tube and knurled limiters
  • Custom design for your application

Advanex insert collars can be used in applications such as:

  • Sensor clusters
  • Ignition control
  • Camshaft control
  • Manifold intake assembly
  • Plastic assemblies

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