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With the development of China economy and the growing popularity of car consumption, consumers have raised higher requirements for the cars: energy-saving, environmental protection, safety and beauty; And auto materials gradually quantified and environmentally friengly and reducing the weight of car is one of the most important measures to improve the fuel economy and energy saving; Currently, automotive lightweight has risen to the national strategy level, "Made in China 2025" listed automotive lightweight as the core technology of energy saving and new-energy vehicles development, also the specific requirements for the develop of lightweight technology have been put into the special plans by the MIIT, NDRC and MOST.

In this background, all of the OEMs, Auto Parts, Materials, Design company or need to increase the continuous R&D innovation and commercial application; Improving the manufacturing precision and efficiency with suitable cost has become the competitive edges for OEMS and Auto Parts.

Based on the huge success of the previous two Automotive Lightweight Summit, the 3rd Global Automotive Lightweight Summit China 2019 will be held in Shananghai on May 16-17th, 2019, which will be gathering more than 400+ global automotive leaders and experts respectively from the Government& Associations, OEMs, Spare parts Companies, Materials, Processing enterprises, Auto inside & outside decoration companies, Structure design, 3D printing suppliers and other Inspection institutions, Consulting companies for attending.

The summit will be upon the commercial road for the exploration of automotive lightweight technology innovation and application, in-depth analysis of the automotive lightweight bottlenecks and future development opportunites under the current economic situation, discuss the requirements of lightweight technology innocation on the new materials, new processes and structural optimizations. Meanwhile it will provide the guests a high-end business communication and technical exchange platform, promote the cooperation of both upstream & downstream, so as to jointly accelerate the rapid growth of so as to jointly accelerate the rapid growth of auto lightweight.

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