Thermal Management for EV/HEV

Thermal Management for EV/HEV

5 March - 8 March, 2024

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Munich, Germany

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About Thermal Management for EV/HEV

In March 2024, I will have the pleasure of hosting the 12th Thermal Management for EV/HEV conference, co-located with the 11thAdvanced E-Motor Technology 2024 event.

The event is now in its 12th year, but where is the automotive thermal management industry over a decade on?

Electric vehicles are not perfect yet. Vehicle electrification is still a new technology and its constantly evolving. There are several opportunities to make EVs and HEVs more efficient; however, optimising thermal management continues to be a dominant area and a distinctive characteristic of energy efficient vehicles. Because of the automotive industry’s drive and necessity to achieve better efficiency, while managing temperature within the vehicle, finding the optimum balance between passenger comfort, vehicle range, and thermal management has never been more important.

According to a thermal management expert at a leading European OEM…‘Thermal management has become more profitable, and has a high market value.’


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