Connected Vehicles USA 2024

Connected Vehicles USA 2024

19 March - 21 March, 2024

44 (0) 207 368 9300


Sheraton Ann Arbor Hotel, USA

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44 20 7368 9300

129 Wilton Rd, Pimlico, London SW1V 1JZ, UK

About Connected Vehicles USA 2024

The future car will have connectivity. I see endless opportunities for engineers to help design better engineering products and services, to help diagnose quality issues quickly and ensure our customers are least impacted.'

Connected vehicles has been a topic of discussion for a long time, and it has only gotten hotter as the US administration commits to making significant investments in connected infrastructure.

Efforts are underway at OEM companies to use connected vehicle technology and vehicle analytics data to optimize cost, improve vehicle design and re-design and accelerate L4/L5 autonomy.

OEMs are no longer in the exploration phase; they are in the phase of implementation and refining the existing set of tools and solutions. Vehicle manufacturers are now starting to double down on the use cases that are going to help extract value, expand their capabilities, and provide customers with higher levels of engagement whether they are occupying their vehicles or not.

The 4th Annual Connected Vehicles USA 2024 event returns to Ann Arbor, Michigan in March 2024. We’re inviting you to join the experts from the Greater Detroit Area and beyond, as they address your biggest vehicle connectivity challenges, present practical solutions to help design better products and services, diagnose quality issues much quicker and ensure customers are least impacted.a

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