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Key Products : Plastics Injection Molding For Automotive

Luster Industries Sdn Bhd specialises in plastic moulds, plastic injection moulding (molding) and assembly. Incorporated in 1986, the Malaysia-based company offers injection molds, plastic moulds and plastics injection molding for automotive, audios, car audios, semi-conductor packaging and office automation parts.


Luster Industries is an ISO 9001 and ISO 14001-certified company that gives utmost priority to quality standards. The major clients of Luster Industries include Naza, Inokom, Honda (Automotive Industries), Sony, Sharp (Consumer Electronics), B Braun, Cell Sciences (Medical Industries), Robert Bosch (Car audios), Entegris (Semiconductor Packaging), Panasonic and Toshiba (Office Automation).



Luster’s state-of-the-art manufacturing facility is equipped with advanced machinery including high speed plastic injection machines, automated spray line, semi automated screen / pad printing machines, surface mount technology machines (SMD), manual inserting line and completed product assembly facility.


Plastic Moulds & Components

Luster Industries offers plastic moulds and components for manufacturing several automotive components such as bumper, side sil, logos, front grille, door panel, door trim, etc.


The company provides plastic injection molds and components for consumer electronics / office automation casing, front panel, CD tray, gears, lens, and rollers. Luster also designs and manufactures plastic moulds and components manufactured for waste management trash bin and medical sharp container.



Several automotive components such as bumper, side sil, logos, front grille, door panel, door trim are manufactured using plastic moulds.


Plastic injection moulding

Using high-end injection moulding (molding) machines ranging from 25t to 3,500t, Luster Industries offers world-class plastic injection moulding (molding) and assembly products and solutions. The company uses latest software such as Auto CAD, pro-engineering and Master cam to provide effective design solutions, prototyping and moulds. Luster group provides value-added services such as screen / pad printing, spray painting, foil lamination, heat induction welding, laser marking and assembly.


Without compromising on quality standards, Luster Industries offers plastic injection moulding (molding) and assembly, plastic injection molds and plastic moulds at global standard. Luster’s rigorous process of quality checks and tests on the raw materials through every stage of manufacturing procedure ensures quality (RoHs) and reliability for its customers.


Luster Industries has adopted the Six-Sigma program to improve the production process by using analytical tools such as statistical process control (SPC) and design experiment (DOE).


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