BTC POWER to Unveil Next-Generation Fleet Dispenser at ACT Expo in Las Vegas

30 April 2024

BTC POWER, a leading innovator in electric vehicle (EV) charging solutions, is excited to announce its participation in the upcoming Advanced Clean Transportation (ACT) Expo, scheduled to take place in Las Vegas, Nevada, May 20-23rd, 2024. At the expo, BTC POWER will proudly introduce its latest innovation, the Gen 4 Fleet Dispenser, designed to revolutionize EV charging for fleet operators.

The ACT Expo is the nation's largest advanced transportation technology and clean fleet event, attracting thousands of industry professionals, stakeholders, and policymakers from around the globe. As a premier exhibitor at this prestigious event, BTC POWER is poised to showcase its commitment to advancing sustainable transportation solutions.

The Gen 4 Fleet Dispenser represents a significant leap forward in EV charging technology, offering unparalleled efficiency, reliability, and scalability for fleet operations of all sizes. With its cutting-edge features and user-friendly interface, fleet operators can now seamlessly integrate EV charging into their daily operations, maximizing productivity, and reducing environmental impact.

Key features of the Gen 4 Fleet Dispenser include:

  • High-speed charging capabilities to minimize downtime and maximize fleet uptime.
  • Modular design for easy scalability and customization to meet evolving fleet needs.
  • Advanced monitoring and diagnostic tools for proactive maintenance and optimization.
  • Seamless integration with fleet management systems for streamlined operations.
  • Robust security features to safeguard sensitive data and ensure user privacy.

"We are thrilled to unveil our Gen 4 Fleet Dispenser at the ACT Expo," said Shaheer Ghaznavi, Product Manager at BTC POWER. "As the demand for electric vehicles continues to soar, fleet operators are seeking innovative solutions to electrify their operations. Our latest offering is a testament to our ongoing commitment to deliver cutting-edge EV charging solutions that empower businesses to embrace sustainability while enhancing operational efficiency. With the fleet system, our customers can charge up to 8 vehicles using just one power cabinet, allowing for maximum power delivery to the growing needs of the fleet market with a minimal footprint."

Attendees of the ACT Expo are encouraged to visit BTC POWER at Booth #3211 to experience the Gen 4 Fleet Dispenser firsthand and learn more about how it can revolutionize their fleet operations.

For more information about BTC POWER and its industry-leading EV charging solutions, visit BTCPOWER.COM.


BTC POWER is a leading manufacturer of electric vehicle charging systems in North America. BTC POWER's product portfolio consists of both DC and AC charging systems with power ranges from 6.6kW to 350kW. With over 22,000 charging systems sold worldwide, BTC POWER's DC Fast Chargers and AC Chargers serve Charge Point Operators, Oil & Gas, Convenient Stores, Retail Centers, Fleets and more for charging electric vehicles, heavy duty transit shuttle and school buses, fleets, and other specialty vehicles.

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