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Mercedes-Benz Accessories opts Stibo Systems to create customer-centric Communications

Wednesday, Oct 15, 2014

Mercedes-Benz Accessories GmbH (MBA) has chosen to implement Stibo Systems’ award-winning Master Data Management (MDM) STEP solution to improve personalization and to create a more relevant experience for customers.

MBA designs and markets a diverse range of exclusive, customized accessories and collector’s items, selling through dealerships and leading global retail brands. Each day, MBA uses over 35,000 parts numbers to process up-to-date information and make it available to dealers and end customers worldwide.

This information, previously stored in a traditional product information management database, will now be migrated to Stibo Systems’ flexible and scalable STEP MDM platform. This will enable MBA to master, enrich and publish consistent product information to all channels from a single source. Leveraging STEP’s predefined workflows and approval processes, MBA will ensure that all the information is verified and approved before being published to customer-facing systems and channels.

The Company chose STEP to enable content to be personalized for its international markets to support multi-lingual versioning in one single source and to ensure product information can be augmented with functional and rich media assets, such as manuals, images and videos.

MBA will also leverage the MDM platform to enable third-party partners to easily upload product information, media and documentation directly into STEP, speeding up time to market and ensuring that product information is immediately available from the same source.