Eaton Mobility Group to Supply Electromechanical Variable Valve Actuation Technology to Great Wall Motor

24 April 2024

Smart energy management company Eaton just announced that it has been chosen to supply an electromechanical drive system (EMAS) that can provide early shutdown of intake valve (EIVC) to China-based automaker Great Wall for use in a line of hybrid electric vehicles (HEVs).

"Emissions regulations are driving the adoption of new technologies by customers around the world," said Alessio Lorenzon, global director of engineering, Valves division, Eaton Mobility Group. "We are proud to supply Great Wall with our variable valve actuation technology which, in combination with vehicle hybridization, will improve fuel economy in its all-new range of hybrid passenger vehicles."

Eaton's EMAS is a differentiated valvetrain-based technology that allows manufacturers to select the intake lift that best suits the engine configuration. At low to medium engine speed and torque, the system offers the EIVC function, which reduces trapped air in the cylinder and pumping losses, increasing overall engine efficiency. When the engine requires maximum performance, the system switches to the longest valve event to provide the highest possible power. Leveraging a system that can be easily integrated into the valve train and cylinder head space and controlled by a simple electric actuator, EMAS creates a balance between fuel economy and performance.

Eaton's novel system differs from traditional variable valve actuation (VVA) solutions in that it includes switchable rocker arms, a mechanical drive shaft that controls switching of the rocker arms, and an electric actuator that activates the system. on-demand drive. This configuration makes the system unaffected by oil temperature variations and allows rapid switching over a very wide engine working range. This also allows safe switching of the rocker arms at high engine speeds.

"Our EMAS was conceived to be easily sized and a small modification of the mechanical link between the actuator and the rocker arms allows the system to be used in all engine families from three to six cylinders," explained Lorenzon. "The switchable rocker arm is made up of cold-formed and stamped parts, which aids manufacturing without affecting performance."

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