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I-CAR is investing $2.6 million dollars partnering with IBM Kenexa



I-CAR is investing $2.6 million dollars partnering with IBM Kenexa




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To keep pace with the rapid advancements in vehicle technology, I-CAR, the Inter-Industry Conference on Auto Collision Repair, is investing $2.6 million dollars partnering with IBM Kenexa, to implement a new learning content management system (LCMS) that will greatly improve the development, delivery, and quality of collision repair training offered to the industry. To express the significance of this investment, consider a comparison; LCMS is to I-CAR what CAD (computer-aided design systems) has been to the Automotive industry. This new training system simplifies management of curriculum content and will significantly reduce the time needed to develop or update courses, allowing I-CAR to bring more relevant training to the industry at a much faster rate. Benefits will be evident across all I-CAR delivery platforms, improving not only the learning experience for students, but also improving the delivery tools available for instructors nationwide. Bringing new and updated courses to the industry more quickly is only a fragment of the improvements the industry will experience. I-CAR will enhance all of its delivery platforms - self-study online, instructor-led classroom, instructor led virtual training, as well as the in-shop welding training series – with the ability to: Improve student learning comprehension and retention Enhance the quality of class content with HD-quality videos and improved interactivity Offer modern educational features such as more intuitive online navigation Provide an online reference library that will make class materials readily available to students 24/7, replacing the need to rely on and store CD ROMs as reference material. The reference library also includes automatic, real-time course updates through personalized myI-CAR training accounts, so once the class is taken, the student will always have access to the most recently updated material for reference. The undertaking of this new training system has been over two years in the making, and is in response to changing needs within the industry. “Vehicle manufacturers continue to launch a growing number of new models and technologies, and I-CAR is keeping pace to support the evolving training needs of the industry,” explained John Van Alstyne, I-CAR CEO & President. “Over the coming three-years, we expect to see over 200 new or re-engineered vehicles launched in the US. That’s a lot of change for the industry to absorb. By enhancing our training development and delivery, I-CAR is better poised to arm the industry with the knowledge and skills needed – and do so at the Speed of Change – to address the technical tsunami that is sweeping our industry.” I-CAR will launch its new training system on December 9, with the debut of its all-new Introduction to Carbon Fiber (CFR01e) Online course. An additional 40 courses – spanning all I-CAR training delivery methods - will follow shortly on December 16. All future courses will be developed and delivered in this training system, and the entire I-CAR curriculum of over 100 courses will be updated and enhanced by the end of 2015. More information on how I-CAR is investing in improved training for the industry is available at