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General Motors USD 3.6 billion investment in Mexico

General Motors USD 3.6 billion investment in             Mexico


General Motors announced plans that it will invest $3.6 billion in Mexico over the next four years in addition to the $1.4 billion invested in the past two years.


This investments primarily used to modernize and expand its manufacturing plants located in the cities of Toluca, Ramos Arizpe, Silao and San Luis Potosi. It also result in the generation of up to 5,600 new jobs, which would also allow the creation of nearly 40,000 additional places in related industries.

This investment will contribute to production in Mexico of new vehicles for the local and export markets, consolidating General Motors as the number one exporter of vehicles in the country.


Company Name General Motors
Location Mexico
Type Modernization & Expansion of Manufacturing Plants
Duration 2015-2018
Estimated Cost $3.6 billion 

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