Press Components

These include four-wheeler, three-wheeler and two-wheeler components of sheet metal, solid bar and tube. Four-wheeler components include critical components like back plates, which fit into the brake assembly of a vehicle.


Three-wheeler components include fully finished assemblies like standard auto-rickshaw bodies, passenger-rickshaw bodies and goods-carrier trays. Yeshshree also manufactures customised rickshaw bodies such as LPG cylinder carriers, grocery shops and bottle carriers. Similarly we manufacture other rickshaw parts including connecting tubes, starting handles, front mudguards, front shoe holding discs and back plates.



Two-wheeler items are centre stands, side stands, brake levers and holder steps / footrests. Brake levers are manufactured from tubes as well as solid bars depending on customer preference. We also supply powder coated / plated components which are ready to assemble.


Other Products

Major Vehicle Components

Cold Forged Components