Floor Mat (Car Mat)

High quality floor mats (car mats) are produced and exported. A strong R&D team enables manufacturing of floor mats (car mat) with high-low cut/loop carpets with designs and level cut/loop carpets etc. These floor mats (car mats) come with a choice of BCF nylon (single and twisted), PP and polyester materials.


Floor mats (car mats) are mouldable and non-mouldable with backing options such as rubber, TPR and PVC. PCCC floor mats (car mats) are quality and safety compliant. Anti-slipping spike TPR and PVC floor mats prevent slipping. Design, texture, colour and finishing of floor mats (car mats) enhance the aesthetic value of car. Serged and binding edges are options for customers’ preferences in these floor mats (car mats).


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