Cylinder Blocks

The Cylinder Block is a machined casting (or sometimes an assembly of modules) containing cylindrically bored holes .Cylinder Blocks are usually made from cast iron or, in modern engines, Aluminium and SG Iron & Aluminum Castings . Cylinder Block features removable cylinder bores which fit into the block by means of special gaskets .We Manufacture 3 bore & 4 bore Cylinder Blocks, Weighing from 23 to 35 Kgs. We also Manufacture 3 bore, 4 bore & 6 Bore Cylinder Blocks, Weighing from 50 to 220 Kgs for Commercial Vehicles. Easy replacement is an added advantage in our Cylinder Block. There are Small Cylinder Block and Big Cylinder Block engines. By installing Cylinder Block made up of Aluminium saves weight and fuel consumption of the vehicle.

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