Wire Cut Machine for Trimming Dies

For meeting the smooth production processes in the forging section a separate Tool Room is available with following facilities:


  • Shapers
  • Planners
  • VMC for better quality forging dies.
  • Lathe Machines
  • Wire Cut Machine For Trimming dies
  • Availability of Software for CAD/CAM



From Uni-Graphics Solid Edge-9 and NX-4



Heat Treatment Plant:



DAWN has following facilities in it’s Heat treatment plant:



  • G.C.F. (Gas Carburizing Furnace) of 600 Kg. capacity per lot.
  • Tempering Furnace.
  • Continuous type Hardening Tempering and Isothermal Normalizing Arrangement for forged components
  • Quenching Tanks.


Other Products

In House Metallurgical Lab