Zo Motors and Itd Industries Announce Canadian Distribution and Local Manufacturing Agreement

14 May 2024

ZO Motors North America and ITD Industries have entered into a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) in which ITD Industries becomes the exclusive distributor for ZM Trucks zero-emission Battery Electric and Fuel Cell Electric commercial truck products in Canada, becoming the top supplier of new energy trucks in the region. ZM Trucks, the western expression of ZO Motors, is North America's newest zero-emissions commercial truck brand.

The zero-emission work truck market is rapidly developing in Canada, and with innovative Battery Electric as well as Fuel Cell Electric offerings, ZM Trucks products will offer new, cost-efficient alternatives to operators.

As one of the largest North American commercial transportation equipment manufacturer and distributor of zero-emission commercial vehicles in Canada, ITD Industries provides the country's largest fleets with access to zero-emissions equipment solutions, including charging and hydrogen fueling infrastructure as well as a complete range of support services both prior to- as well as after the deployment of ZM Trucks products in Canada.

Parties will explore joint venture KD manufacturing to service the market.

About ZO Motors & ZM Trucks

ZM Trucks is North America's newest zero-emissions commercial truck brand and the western expression of ZO Motors. As a subsidiary of ZO Motors Tokyo, our zero-emissions vehicles are grounded in proven and reliable technology. The company specializes in the R&D, manufacturing, and sales of intelligent new energy commercial vehicles. With powertrain choices that include Battery Electric, Hydrogen Fuel Cell Electric and to be announced Hydrogen ICE, ZM Trucks' commercial vehicles are entering the following new markets during 2024: North America, South America, and the Middle East.

For more information, please visit ZMTrucks.com.

About ITD Industries

ITD Industries is a leading commercial equipment manufacturer, zero-emission truck distributor and technology business. Our Company's strength lies in our rich history of innovative product development, the diversity and passion of our talented team, and deep-rooted commitment to the success of our customers and the communities they serve. Our strategic investments in smart and electric trailer technology, high-pressure hydrogen storage trailers and mobile fueler will help to power our customers shift to a cleaner more sustainable future.

For more information; itdindustries.com