Xendee Unveils PROPOSE: A Revolutionary Sales and Business Development Tool for EV Fast-Charging Infrastructure and Distributed Energy Systems

6 December 2023

Xendee, the world’s leading EV fast-charging and distributed energy system design platform, is proud to announce the official release of PROPOSE, a groundbreaking sales and business development tool designed for teams operating in the energy transition and EV fast-charging infrastructure sectors.

Aiming to address the demand and rapid growth in the clean energy infrastructure industry, Xendee has developed PROPOSE, a solution that streamlines the process of generating proposals accurately and quickly. The sale and development of distributed energy systems and EV fast-charging projects is complex, and many teams struggle to express the resilient, sustainable, and cost-effective capabilities of their solutions without performing in-depth technical studies.

PROPOSE enables business development and sales teams to easily create EV fast-charging and distributed energy system proposals, and confidently respond to RFPs. This innovative tool generates proposals within minutes by streamlining the sales and business development process and allowing for rapid feasibility studies that leverage multiple investment paths. Moreover, PROPOSE enables pricing accuracy for sales professionals without the need for extensive engineering and analysis.

"PROPOSE is a reflection of our commitment to accelerate the transition into a clean energy future. With PROPOSE, sales professionals can focus on sales, rather than technical details. We automate the complex task of quoting EV fast charging and distributed energy projects through a consistent process designed to optimize sales productivity, boost scalability, and decrease RFP response times. Business development and sales teams can move faster, and focus on working with clients to grow the pipeline," said Adib Nasle, Co-Founder and CEO of Xendee.

Scott Mitchell, Co-founder and Chief Software Architect of Xendee added, "One of the key innovations with PROPOSE is that it allows seamless transfer of proposals into our detailed DESIGN solution for bankable project planning. Our partners can now complete the entire project lifecycle from proposal, feasibility, and design through real-time operations in one platform, ensuring investment-ready infrastructure project pipelines while enabling enormous savings of both time and cost. According to our initial data, the time spent was reduced by a remarkable 90%."

For more information and to explore this new product’s capabilities, please visit xendee.com/propose.

About Xendee Corporation

Xendee is an award-winning software platform built to integrate the feasibility analysis and proposal building, detailed engineering, and operation of Distributed Energy Resources and EV fast-charging infrastructure. This includes the ability to rapidly model EV infrastructure for fleet owners, complex energy systems with up to 25 unique types of DER technologies, multi-node installations like a military base, and operate either connected to the grid or completely islanded. Xendee’s techno-economic optimization algorithm can then generate an ideal investment solution and operation schedule to meet organizational goals. These goals can include reducing costs, cutting CO2 emissions, and increasing resilience. Explore how Xendee can empower your organization by setting up a call with us at xendee.com/demo.

Twila Liggitt
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