XCMG Machinery Amplifies Presence in Latin America with More Tailor-Made Machines Launched

27 May 2024

In a significant move to strengthen its foothold in the Latin American market, XCMG Machinery has ramped up its operations, marking the 50th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and Brazil. The company's integrated design excavators and loaders, known for their efficiency and cost-effectiveness in construction projects, have been a game-changer in housing construction across South America.

XCMG's backhoe loader revolutionizes the building process by combining excavation and loading capabilities, streamlining operations from digging foundations to material handling. This innovation not only boosts construction efficiency, but also significantly reduces project costs by eliminating the need for multiple pieces of equipment.

The robust performance of XCMG excavators and loaders is particularly notable in challenging environments, such as municipal road constructions that often require navigating through rainforests and mountainous terrains. Equipped with high-performance engines and transmission systems, these machines deliver powerful torque for heavy-duty mining tasks, while their dual-pump hydraulic systems optimize flow based on operational needs to save energy and reduce costs.

This April saw XCMG showcasing its latest customized construction equipment at several industry events across Latin America. At Agrishow, Brazil's largest agricultural technology trade fair and one of the world's biggest, XCMG debuted over ten models of machinery, including loaders, excavators, graders, rollers, and the new energy products, among others. New products like the GR1905BR grader, XE55DA mini excavator, and XC7-SR08 skid steer loader received widespread acclaim from customers.

At M&T Expo 2024 in April, over twenty high-quality signature models were displayed including loaders, excavators, mining trucks, broad-body vehicles, rollers, graders, milling machines, aerial work platforms, and forklifts. New energy solutions were a highlight, leading the charge towards green construction with innovative technology offering zero emissions alongside economic benefits.

XCMG's business in Latin America has seen remarkable progress over recent years, with an increasing service capability throughout Central America as well. Starting in Q2 this year, the company delivered over 100 aerial work platforms to Central American countries, featuring models like the XGA16K, known for their compact design, effective navigation to avoid obstacles, and ease of operation, catering to diverse industry needs. Customized products and solutions have endeared XCMG to clients across Central America.

In collaboration with partners in Central America, XCMG has actively advanced the development of facilities such as Mexican factories, sales networks, spare parts centers, and training bases.