WeaveGrid and Emporia Energy Partner to Simplify Smart EV Charging and Drive EV Adoption

19 June 2024

WeaveGrid, a software company that enables rapid electric vehicle adoption on the electric grid, and Emporia Energy, a leading innovator in home energy management solutions, today announced a partnership to make smart EV charging more accessible by expanding access to utility managed charging programs for Emporia EV charger owners.

WeaveGrid's intelligent software will integrate with Emporia Energy's EV chargers, enabling seamless participation in utility-managed charging programs and grid optimization initiatives. This will provide EV drivers with Emporia chargers the following benefits:

  • Cost savings: By automatically aligning charging with periods of high renewable energy availability or low grid demand, paired with time-varying utility rates, drivers can potentially reduce the charging costs on their electric bills.
  • Enhanced grid reliability: WeaveGrid's software helps to manage EV charging demand in real-time, ensuring grid stability and preventing potential strain on the electric grid distribution system.
  • Charging insights: Compared to monthly utility bills, drivers see additional information about their charging patterns and costs through a weekly wrap-up of charging history.

WeaveGrid and Emporia will soon launch the partnership in select utility managed charging programs administered by WeaveGrid.

"We are thrilled to partner with Emporia Energy to make smart EV charging more accessible and affordable for all types of EV drivers," said Yakov Berenshteyn, Director of Automotive and Charging Partnerships at WeaveGrid. "Emporia's commitment to clean energy aligns perfectly with our mission to accelerate the transition to sustainable transportation."

"This partnership is a significant step forward in simplifying the EV charging experience for EV drivers and Emporia charger owners," said Shawn McLaughlin, CEO of Emporia Energy. "By combining Emporia's reliable EV chargers with WeaveGrid's intelligent software, we are empowering drivers to save money, contribute to a cleaner grid, and enjoy the convenience of smart charging."

Emporia chargers are one of the top selling EV Chargers in North America. The Emporia smart charger is priced highly competitively, starting at $399, with options to include Emporia Vue Energy Monitors and Home Energy Management System. It is available in both J1772 and NACS configurations, making it compatible with all EV makes and models, allowing for expanded access to utility incentives.

About WeaveGrid

WeaveGrid is a leading provider of software for smart electric vehicle charging. The company's software platform optimizes EV charging to align with periods of high renewable energy availability or to ensure ongoing electric grid reliability, while keeping preferences and controls at a driver's fingertips. WeaveGrid partners with utilities, charging infrastructure providers, and automakers to accelerate the transition to sustainable transportation.

About Emporia Energy

Emporia is an energy management technology company with a goal of making energy efficiency accessible to all homeowners by creating energy-saving technology at the lowest cost and highest quality possible. Emporia's line of products includes smart home energy monitors, smart plugs, EV chargers, current sensors, and an integrative app that allows for easy energy management. By reducing customers' energy use and saving them money, Emporia is helping people create a healthier planet and build a brighter future for us all.


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