VOLTERRA Motors Announces Spin Out from UM Motorcycles to Launch its Fully Electric Powersports Vehicle Lineup

17 June 2022

VOLTERRA Motors (“VOLTERRA” or “the Company”), a US based Electric Powersports Manufacturer developing technologically advanced and sustainable transportation alternatives for global markets, today announces its recent spin out from UM Motorcycles and confirms the upcoming launch-ready vehicle line-up.

Given the severe environmental impact from burning fossil fuels as well as the increasing financial toll of rising gasoline prices, electric vehicles have become increasingly popular in recent years. A study performed in April 2022 by McKinsey & Company estimates that electric vehicle sales have increased by almost 1000% since 2016 and by 2035, the largest automotive markets will be fully electric. VOLTERRA was founded on a mission to provide energy-saving and cost-efficient motor vehicles on a global scale and to address an unmet need for fully electric, clean and safe recreational and utility vehicles in the powersports market.

VOLTERRA is led by Chief Executive Officer, Diego Villegas, and Chief Business Officer, Jose Villegas. Prior to establishing VOLTERRA, Diego Villegas co-founded UM Motorcycles, as well as Phelon and Moore motorcycles, while Jose Villegas co-founded ETTRONE Mobility and brings over 25 years of experience in the US powersports industry to the Company. The Villegas family combined brings 6 decades and 3 generations of global experience in the automotive industry and more than 25 years of experience specifically within the motorcycle industry.

“We are thrilled to announce this important spinoff with VOLTERRA as our electric-only brand with a laser focus on bringing clean, fun, and safe electric vehicles to customers around the world,” said Diego Villegas. “There has never been a more important time to accelerate our transition to environmentally friendly alternatives in order to ensure the quality of life for our future generations. In addition to bringing transformative options to the powersports market, we look forward to bringing our technology and products to emerging and developing markets in which vehicles are used as a main source of transportation and to riders exposed to rising gas prices.”

The Company intends to release additional details regarding its full range of electric powersports vehicles expected at launch, which will include dirt bikes, ATVs, and side by sides, as well as finalized timing for launch of the initial line-up.

About VOLTERRA Motors

VOLTERRA Motors was founded through a spin out of UM Motorcycles by Diego Villegas and Jose Villegas. After significant market research and years of product development in the electric vehicle space, the Company will launch a full line-up of electric powersports vehicles in the recreation and utility segments that are both environmentally friendly and cost-efficient while bringing exhilarating riding sensations. Electric technology has emerged as a proven solution to the harmful effects of burning fossil fuels and reliance on oil for transportation. In addition to the extensive knowledge within the automotive industry brought by the Villegas family, the Company has established a robust management team to execute product development, manufacturing and operations as well as global sales and distribution.

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