Vinfast and ProLogium start joint venture to build solid-state battery packs in Vietnam

4 March 2021

Vinfast, Vietnam's first national car brand, aims to dominate Vietnam's electric vehicle market by deploying ProLogium's groundbreaking solid battery pack for electric cars.

Vinfast, a subsidiary of Vingroup, Vietnam's largest private company, has signed a letter of intent with the world's leading solid-state battery manufacturer ProLogium to accelerate the commercialization of solid-state battery electric vehicles in Vietnam .

According to the MoU, the two parties will set up a joint venture to manufacture solid state battery packs for Vinfast's electric vehicles. The JV has priority when purchasing solid state batteries from PLG and is granted a license to use the patented MAB (Multi-Axis Bipolar + ) assembly technology for solid state battery packs from PLG to so-called CIM / CIP solid state battery packs on site in Vietnamto manufacture. PLG plans to produce the inlays of the solid-state batteries (semi-finished battery cells consisting of a cathode, solid-state electrolyte and anode layer) for the joint venture in one of its Asian production centers, and is expected to achieve a capacity of 1-2 GWh in 2022. This would secure the mass production of Vinfast's electric vehicles planned for 2023/2024.

The company, which was founded 4 years ago, is now number 5 on the Vietnamese automotive market and can boast a broad product portfolio. In early 2021, Vinfast announced the launch of three smart electric SUV models, underscoring its determination to become a global leader in electric vehicles. Through the joint venture with PLG, Vinfast can build EVs that promise ultimate safety, a much greater range, efficient charging time - comparable to that of gasoline vehicles - and superiority in terms of intelligence and performance.

ProLogium was founded in 2006. The company is the world's first and so far only solid-state battery manufacturer to reach mass production. He sells his products to customers in industries such as 3C electronics, industrial, medical and IoT around the world. Currently, several world-leading companies have entered into cooperation agreements with PLG and partners from the automotive industry, energy storage, shipbuilding, aerospace, rail transport, AVs and others. have placed orders and are currently working on product testing and design.