VicOne launches Secured RDS Service on MIH Open EV Platform

9 November 2022

The rapid development of the global electric vehicle market has ushered in a new era of Software Defined Vehicle (SDV). The accelerated innovative development has also made electric vehicles the new target for hackers, which accentuate the importance of the cyber security in the electric vehicle industry. VicOne, an automotive cybersecurity solution provider, established by cloud security leader Trend Micro, unveiled the industry's first-of-kind in-vehicle software safety remote diagnosis service on the Open EV Platform at MIH Demo Day, an annual technical event organized by MIH Consortium on the 8th November, 2023. VicOne Secured RDS (Remote Diagnostic Service) is the first to extend the service of vehicle abnormality detection to software diagnosis. Detecting abnormalities and real-time warnings remotely can help car manufacturers and system suppliers to establish a stronger cyber security defense and provide comprehensive network security protection to electric vehicles.

Unlike the general RDS service in the past, which was mainly based on hardware anomaly detection, it was time-consuming and labor-intensive. The Secured RDS, an in-vehicle safety remote diagnosis service developed by VicOne on the MIH Open EV Platform, uses the exclusive xNexus technology with extended detection and response. It collects and optimizes telemetry data from vehicle endpoints and sends it to a cloud-based detection and response (XDR) platform designed for processing for Vehicle Security Operation Center (VSOC) for cyber security threat analysis. By using threats intelligence collected from network and AI artificial intelligence and machine learning to build a comprehensive database. Based on the prototype vehicle data, it calculates the safety baseline. When the abnormality occurs, the data is immediately compared to the baseline to effectively improve the speed and accuracy of attack detection and help operators to respond quickly. It successfully strengthens the cyber security of vehicles after they are connected to the Internet and greatly reduces the time and labor costs for vehicle error diagnosis and software troubleshooting.

VicOne collaborates with MIH Open EV Platform to build a safer vehicle development platform environment
The core of the new-generation mobile experience is user-based. A secured vehicle development platform can help the electric vehicle industry focus on innovation, develop excellent applications and provide good user experiences. Max Cheng, CEO of  VicOne said: "The electric vehicle market is growing larger with the security risks associated with fully networked vehicles getting more severe. We must assist supply chain partners to get ready as soon as possible. Using the data samples collected by the MIH Open EV Platform and integrating VicOne's rich industry experience on vehicles cyber security threats, we can develop a more accurate and mature data model to detect cyber threats in real-time and help security teams monitor cyber attack events and respond quickly. I believe that the secured RDS developed by VicOne will provide the industry with more real-time, convenient, and reliable cyber security diagnostic services for vehicles, which will help to build a more a safer electric vehicle industrial development environment in the future."

MIH CEO Jack Cheng says: "MIH is committed to creating an open EV ecosystem and hopes to bring together strategic partners from various industries to achieve key technology development, thereby lowering the barrier to entry and accelerating the industry's growth. The collaboration with VicOne in secured RDS will provide the most worry-free maintenance environment for EV ecosystem members with comprehensive protection from deployment to maintenance and accelerate the transformation of the automotive industry together."

As an automotive cybersecurity expert, VicOne is best provides forward-looking cyber security protection for automotive industry
In the ever-changing cyber security challenges in the new era, electric vehicles must rely on a more complete cyber security protection solution. VicOne solutions can ensure driving safety by providing automotive cyber security protection solutions to car manufacturers and system suppliers with comprehensive cyber security protection from design, software update services, and security penetration testing, etc. Combined with the latest and most real-time automotive cyber security threat intelligence from Trend Micro, it covers 5 aspects, threat identification, detection, analysis, response, and recovery. Through a single integrated platform, Vehicle Security Operation Center can monitor, correlate, and visualize threats in a real-time and continuously strengthen the protection to vehicles.

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