Velodyne Ryder announces contract with TLD

27 April 2020

Velodyne Ryder announced a three-year deal with TLD, a global leader in ground support equipment. TLD uses Velodyne Rider's sensors in the manufacture of TractEasy autonomous electric baggage tractors that enable significant productivity, efficiency and labor savings at airports and production processes.

Aiming for safe and efficient navigation on roads with varying weather conditions, TLD develops its revolutionary Tract Easy tractor with Velodyne's latest sensors. Tract Easy is a zero-emission tractor that drives unmanned side roads to carry baggage and cargo from the airport terminal to the aircraft area. TractEasy can also be responsible for the land transportation of products indoors or outdoors at industrial sites and distribution centers. The TractEasy can run at a maximum speed of 25 km / h and has a maximum towing capacity of 25 tons.

Nicholas Bellin, CEO of TLD Europe, said: "Velodyne's high-performance sensors help TractEasy to safely and reliably carry loads while traveling and rolling in complex real ramp environments, without requiring any infrastructure changes. Velodyne's lidar solution is ours. Will strengthen our tractors, increase airport baggage handling productivity and reduce operating costs. "

Eric Schmidt, Executive Director for Europe at Velodyne Ryder, said: “TractEasy is a market-leading unmanned electric tow tractor that greatly enhances the operational flexibility and efficiency of land transportation of merchandise. Such tractors ensure forward visibility on dynamic roads. We have demonstrated that Velodyne's lidar sensor can provide the necessary visibility and field of view, and can detect and avoid obstacles that may hinder safe logistics operations. ”

Velodyne's Surround View Lidar Solution produces data-rich images and even detects low reflectance objects. These sensors are optimized for excellent indoor and outdoor performance and can be operated under a variety of lighting conditions. Velodyne's lidar sensor combines high resolution 3D perception with a wide vertical viewing angle to enable accurate detection of pedestrian crossings, curbs and obstacles in the road environment.

About Velodyne Rider

Velodyne offers smart and powerful rider solutions for autonomy and driver assistance. Headquartered in San Jose, Calif., Velodyne is globally recognized for its innovative portfolio of lidar sensor technologies. In 2005, Velodyne founder David Hall invented the real-time surround-view lidar system as part of Velodyne Acoustics, for cars, new mobility, mapping, robotics, security and more. It has revolutionized the functions of cognition and autonomy in the field. Velodyne's high-performance product line is optimized for cost-effective Puck ™, universal Ultra Puck ™, Alpha Prime ™ for advancing autonomy, and ADAS. There is a wide range of sensing solutions, including Velarray ™ and the breakthrough driver assistance software Vella ™.

About TLD

With a 60-year history in the industry, TLD ( ) is a leading industrial group dedicated to the design, assembly, sales and after-sales service of Aeronautical Ground Support Equipment (GSE) worldwide. TLD products operate at most airports around the world. Engineered to meet the needs of our customers, our equipment is maintained to the highest standards by TLD's extensive engineering team and assembled at our nine factories in America, Asia and Europe. It is possible. Our mission is to provide dedicated, efficient and thorough after-sales service to our customers wherever they are.

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