Velodyne lidar announces the third annual Autonomous Driving Technology World Safety Summit

14 September 2020

Velodyne the Lidar point cloud, Inc. announced the launch of its third annual Safety Summit autopilot technology in the world (World Safety Summit on Autonomous Technology, WSS), will Discuss the safety and autonomous driving of vehicle transportation. The summit will bring together experts and thought leaders from industry, government, journalism and academia to advance the understanding of how autonomous driving technology can promote safer transportation.

The 2020 World Security Summit will be held online from 9:00 am to 1:00 pm Pacific Daylight Time (PDT) on October 22. For more information and registration, please visit: 2020 World Safety Summit .

The first keynote speaker at the summit was Dr. Mark Rosekind, Chief of Security Innovation at Zoox. The topics of the summit include true driverless driving plans, advanced driver assistance systems, regulatory measures and the future of autonomous driving. The event will promote cooperation between different perspectives and innovative solutions, provide transparency and educational guidance to explore the potential of autonomous driving technology in improving road safety.

This year's summit will be held concurrently with the annual automotive technology conference Silicon Valley Reinvents the Wheel hosted by Western Automotive Journalists. Charlie Vogelheim, president of Western Automotive Journalists and an expert with more than 30 years of automotive industry experience, will host the summit.

WSS Small Webinar Series Activities

Before the summit, Velodyne will host a weekly series of small webinars to learn in advance about the safety and transportation benefits of autonomous driving technology. Each webinar is short but influential and will share compelling knowledge and insights within 15 minutes.

The weekly small series of activities will kick off at 10:00 AM on September 11th, Pacific Daylight Time, and will continue until October 18th until the World Security Summit is held. Special guests in the first two games include:

September 11: Charlie Vogelheim, President of Western Automotive Journalists
September 18: Tara Andringa, Executive Director of PAVE
To register for the webinar on September 11, please visit: WSS Webinar Miniseries .

Sally Frykman, Vice President of Communications at Velodyne Lidar, said: "The World Safety Summit will launch a strong lineup of expert speakers who will bring interesting conversations about the safety benefits of autonomous vehicles. These conversations are not only informative, they will also become A catalyst to promote cooperation to promote safer transportation."

About Velodyne Lidar

Velodyne is committed to providing intelligent and powerful laser radar solutions for autonomous driving and driving assistance. Velodyne is headquartered in San Jose, California, and is well-known for its breakthrough laser radar sensor technology portfolio. In 2005, David Hall, the founder of Velodyne, invented the real-time surround view laser radar system, which became an integral part of Velodyne Acoustics. Mr. Hall's invention revolutionized perception and autonomy in the fields of automobiles, new modes of transportation, surveying and mapping, robotics, and security. Velodyne's high-performance product line includes a wide range of sensing solutions such as cost-effective Puck™, multi-functional Ultra Puck™, advanced autonomous driving Alpha Prime™, ADAS optimized Velarray™, and driver assistance Use the groundbreaking software Vella™.

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