Vehicle Acquisition Network Announces New Integration with Accu-Trade Vin-Dow Application

12 November 2020

Vehicle Acquisition Network (VAN) is pleased to announce that it now has integration with the Accu-Trade Vin-Dow software directly through the VAN system. Tom Gregg, President of Vehicle Acquisition Network said, "We are excited about the prospects of having a full featured valuation tool like Vin-Dow that can operate in tandem with the VAN software for our dealer partners." All current Accu-Trade Vin-Dow customers will be able to enable Vin-Dow directly in their browser while using VAN. 

VAN offers an alternative, affordable solution for dealers sourcing private party vehicles by identifying sellers and developing new relationships with untapped consumers in their market. VAN is the dealer's direct solution for acquiring these vehicles from consumers efficiently, while avoiding transportation costs, auction fees and costly reconditioning.

With Accu-Trade Vin-Dow, you always get a transparent, fact-based appraisal with a guaranteed exit strategy. The platform helps your team break many of the age-old habits that lead to unnecessary water in your inventory, reducing "theft by lack of process."  Current customers of Vin-Dow and VAN will be able to utilize the Vin-Dow Chrome extension directly in the VAN software application. 

For more information about the new integration between VAN and Accu-Trade, contact us at 855-952-4949 or email Bill Anderson at [email protected]