VanLab Launches Equity-Based Crowdfunding Raise on StartEngine

2 February 2023

VanLab, a company specializing in designing and manufacturing contemporary flatpack DIY conversion kits for camper vans, announced today the launch of an equity-based crowdfunding raise on StartEngine.
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The company's innovative, contemporary approach to the RV marketplace is aimed at making #vanlife more accessible and affordable for the masses, not just the wealthy few. VanLab’s flatpack kits offer a cost-effective solution for those who want to experience the freedom and adventure of vanlife without breaking the bank, and offer a fresh, more inclusive approach to the van conversion scene.

"We are excited to launch our equity-based crowdfunding raise on StartEngine and give our community and the wider public an opportunity to invest in our company and share in our vision of making vanlife more accessible," said Ian Fitzhenry, Co-CEO of VanLab. "Our flatpack kits are easy to assemble, customizable, and offer a unique and affordable way for people to convert their own vans into a camper, and you really do only need a screwdriver."

The company, which has been compared to innovative brands such as IKEA and LEGO for its simple self-assembly and intuitive design, is seeking to raise $1.2m through the crowdfunding campaign, giving away a 12% investment with a minimum investment of $250.

The funds raised will be used to expand VanLab’s product line-up, increase production capacity, and develop new technologies to improve the conversion process, capitalizing on their recent growth.

Investors in VanLab will have the opportunity to share in the company's hopeful success through equity ownership, with the potential for a significant return on investment as the company grows.

For more information about VanLab and to invest in the crowdfunding campaign, visit the StartEngine campaign page at:

About VanLab
VanLab provides high quality and affordable campervan conversion kits, with a Scandinavian design aesthetic, flat packed and delivered to your door. Created by engineers and designed by world-class craftsmen, all manufactured in the USA.

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Ian Fitzhenry, Co-CEO
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