Vamos Group and Volkswagen Trucks and Buses close the biggest negotiation of the year in the commercial vehicle industry in Brazil

18 August 2020

Volkswagen Caminhões e Ônibus will supply 1,350 trucks to the Vamos Group - Simpar's arm focused on leasing and selling heavy commercial vehicles -, designed to meet the new demands of its customers. This is the largest heavy industry agreement in the country this year and also a milestone for both companies. This is a historic record, both for sales by the automaker to a customer, and by the rental company in the acquisition of new units in a single lot.

Behind the business is the growth of the truck rental segment, common in Europe and the United States and which continues to be driven in Brazil by the rise in agribusiness, the strength of the logistics market and the attraction by companies from other segments for this type of operation. With deliveries scheduled from the first half of August to December, the contract covers 20 different vehicle models to meet the demand of the Vamos Group , which includes renewing contracts and winning new customers in recent months.

Sales leader for this sector according to data from the Brazilian Association of Car Rental Companies (ABLA), with more than 50% market share, VWCO already allocates about 15% of the total produced to serve customers in the segment. In the Vamos Group , the VW brand represents about 60% of its truck fleet.

"We reopened the second production shift at our factory in Resende (RJ) to leverage, with total safety for employees, the assembly of our Volkswagen vehicles largely due to this order that we closed with the Vamos Group . Truck rental is a trend in the national market, characterized as a very interesting alternative, given the facilities it offers, especially in a scenario of great economic challenge like the current one, in which the investment capacity of many companies is compromised ", says Roberto Cortes , president and CEO of Volkswagen Trucks and Buses.

The Vamos Group's activity is focused on bespoke leases, as well as the production of trucks by VWCO. The units are acquired to fulfill contracts in which customers and the rental company define the most appropriate type of vehicle and with the best added value for their application. And all the links in this chain are involved in this consultancy process, from the fleet manager of the client company to the driver, so that the solution with the best total cost-benefit ratio of operation is chosen.

"The leasing of trucks has been registering increasing interest because it meets, better and more efficiently, the needs of companies in the search for greater productivity, better allocation of capital, less indebtedness and cost reduction. This has meant that companies, each look for this model to renew and expand their truck fleets. Effectively, bringing greater efficiency to their operations, with more modern vehicles, with lower maintenance and fuel consumption costs and greater fleet availability ", analyzes Gustavo Couto , CEO of the Vamos Group .

Historic partnership guarantees results

With a fleet of over 14 thousand vehicles, the Vamos Group is the largest truck rental company in the country and has a historic partnership with Volkswagen Caminhões e Ônibus as one of its pillars of success. In addition to having the brand as its largest supplier of trucks, it is a sales representative with the automaker's dealerships.

Vamos's expectation is that the segment will continue to grow strongly in the coming years, effectively contributing to the reduction of the average age of the national fleet, now 20.7 years. Change that prints numerous economic and environmental advantages, considering the technology of Volkswagen's new trucks. If the average age of the Brazilian fleet followed that of Vamos, 2.5 years old, there would be a 95% drop in air pollutant emissions, in addition to fuel savings and maintenance costs.

Today the Vamos Group is present in the most diverse sectors of the economy: from agribusiness to transport and logistics, through retail and public services, such as telephony, energy distribution and garbage collection.

Business helps truck industry to face difficult scenario

To meet this purchase of the Vamos Group and to meet the demand of other customers, VWCO decided to expand its production capacity and, since June 29, has been operating in two production shifts. As a result of this initiative, the first units of this historic operation began to be delivered now in the first half of August.

Volkswagen Caminhões e Ônibus was one of the first automotive companies to resume production since the beginning of the pandemic, following all the prevention, safety and protection protocols of its employees. On April 27, the automaker resumed its activities with around 1,000 employees in just one production shift.

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