Uniphy Limited and Hyundai Motor Group to Collaborate on Next Generation Smart Human-­Machine Interfaces (HMls) for Automotive

3 March 2022

Hyundai Motor Group and Uniphy Limited have announced today that they have signed an agreement to work together to develop freeform-conforming, smart Human Machine Interfaces (HMls) to revolutionize the driver and passenger experience. The companies will be harnessing Uniphy's patented Canvya™ 3D smart-surface technology to produce an innovative in-car user interface. The collaboration will see Hyundai's automotive expertise combined with Uniphy's advanced technological approach; a cooperation which is set to deliver Uniphy's solution promise of beautiful, intuitive, robust, safe, and economic results.

Hyundai Motor European Technical Center GmbH (HMETC) is the European R&D center of Hyundai Motor Group. HMETC is a world-class Automotive R&D center which continuously monitors innovative technologies and creates original concepts, which may ultimately find their way into production vehicles.

"HMETC considers Uniphy's 3D smart-surface solution to be unique and enabling, because it has the advanced capabilities to combine the richest range of HMI features, based on intrinsic properties of Uniphy's patented technology. This allows the easy realization of 3D Smart Surfaces whilst also giving product designers creative freedom. We can't wait to introduce the new solutions that we are developing in cooperation with Uniphy, to the world", says Firat Tapti, Body Interior Engineering Design at Hyundai Motor Europe Technical Center GmbH.

Uniphy's revolutionary 3D smart-surface solution combines novel algorithms and patented technologies to allow standard materials and mainstream manufacturing processes to be deployed to deliver feature-rich and freeform 3D smart interfaces. The Uniphy solution truly transforms what has been possible in product design. It enables designers to freely create HMIs that are beautiful and experiences that are intuitive and natural, whilst also delivering robustness and remaining economical. The technology goes "Beyond Touch™" and unifies non-conductive, finger pressure touch sensing with the integration of physical HMI features including dials, buttons & sliders. It also supports haptic feedback, touch-gesture and proximity recognition whilst also being able to host additional proprietary or third-party HMI features including Voice User Interfaces, as found in smart devices.

"We are delighted and honored to collaborate with Hyundai Motor Group- an automotive world leader with a stated and demonstrated commitment to relentless and responsible innovation. I have no doubt that the combination of the two companies' capabilities and expertise will transform the in-car experience like never before.", says Jim Nicholas, CEO, Uniphy Limited.

About Uniphy Limited

Uniphy is "the next generation user experience canvas company" delivering truly disruptive and highly protected technologies and solutions that enable any product requiring a smart user interface, whether it's the interior of a car, a consumer device, any home appliance, an enterprise/industrial equipment or in fact any other physical device, to have a beautiful, intuitive, and robust user interface. This is achieved whilst also ensuring a safe and highly economical solution – plastic & glass surfaces of any shape can be made "smart" without the need for esoteric materials or using non-mainstream manufacturing processes.

About Hyundai Motor Company

Established in 1967, Hyundai Motor Company is present in over 200 countries with more than 120,000 employees dedicated to tackling real-world mobility challenges around the globe. Based on the brand vision 'Progress for Humanity,' Hyundai Motor is accelerating its transformation into a Smart Mobility Solution Provider. The company invests in advanced technologies such as robotics and Urban Air Mobility (UAM) to bring about revolutionary mobility solutions, while pursuing open innovation to introduce future mobility services.  In pursuit of sustainable future for the world, Hyundai will continue its efforts to introduce zero emission vehicles equipped with industry-leading hydrogen fuel cell and EV technologies.

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