ULTRAFIT, an automotive protection film maker, invented the world's first non-delamination windshield protection film

17 August 2020

Delamination, which is an inherent problem of windshield protective films, refers to a problem in the laminated material of the film due to cracking or falling off of a synthetic resin or adhesive. In other words, it is a phenomenon where the top coating on the film surface interferes with the driver's vision, reduces the vehicle aesthetics, and leaves the film adhesive to damage the windshield of the car.

To solve this problem, ULTRAFIT, a manufacturer specializing in automotive protection film, launched the WinCrest series—the world's first non-delamination windshield protection film with a new sensational method and new materials. The series is now driving a lot of demand around the world.

While service providers are concerned about the customer dissatisfaction on delamination and are reluctant to apply the product, the demand for non-delamination films is already big for many reasons: the expansion of the luxury car market and the use of high-functional windshields, such as HUD and infrared protection. Paying attention to this point, ULTRAFIT created the world's first WinCrest series that can prevent delamination through research and development from the basic fundamental, and dramatically increase the durability of the film.

"Since there is no delamination like what occurred in the existing automobile windshield protection film, there is no customer complaint or request for rework, which was the biggest problem. And it is an innovative product that saves both labor and time for the service provider," Jason, the director of ULTRAFIT said proudly.

ULTRAFIT is a manufacturer specializing in vehicle protection films, and has been continuing R&D with years of knowledge and experience to provide the finest quality vehicle protection products. Detailed information on the protective film may be found on the ULTRAFIT website.

ULTRAFIT email: [email protected]
ULTRAFIT WinCrest page: https://www.ultrafitprotection.com


Source: prnewswire.com