Two Fingers Automotive Posts Helpful Tips About When and Why to Check a Vehicle's Coolant Levels

16 October 2023

Shawn Goodrich, Owner and Founder of Two Fingers Automotive, strongly believes that all car owners should be proactive with their automotive care.

As often as he can, he enjoys sharing tips and advice that may help people avoid a costly automotive repair bill.

For instance, Goodrich recently posted an in-depth and helpful blog on the Two Fingers Automotive website that addresses an important maintenance topic: when and why to check coolant levels in an automobile.

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As the blog explains, the coolant, or "antifreeze," in a vehicle's engine helps it to regulate temperature and resist corrosion.

"Many people only think about their coolant levels when the 'Check Coolant Level' indicator light on their dash illuminates. However, people who consistently ignore their coolant are likely to find themselves stuck with a bad day—and an unnecessary repair bill— very soon because coolant is a critical element in keeping your vehicle running smoothly," the blog notes.

As for when to check a car's coolant levels, this should be done at least once a week—ideally when the engine is cold and prior to driving.

In general, later-model vehicles have a coolant reservoir off to the side of the engine. The reservoir is made out of clear plastic, so it is easy to see the level and condition of the coolant at a glance.

"Your coolant will most likely be a thick, bright green color resembling Mountain Dew or a bright cherry red but could also be bright blue or yellow," the blog notes, adding that if the coolant looks dark, sludgy, rusty, or dirty, this could indicate a leak in the head gasket or a damaged or cracked coolant hose, which allows coolant to leak out of the vehicle.

If the reservoir is low or empty, it should immediately be topped off. The vehicle owner should then check the reservoir and under the vehicle at regular intervals throughout the next several days.

If coolant is pooling under the vehicle, the car should be brought in for service immediately.

"By checking your coolant levels regularly and diligently, you can save yourself a lot of headaches and unnecessary wasted time and money," the blog notes.

"If you find yourself needing repairs after a major coolant leak or poor coolant maintenance, or for any other reason, you need to bring your vehicle to your Mooresville professional auto shop, Two Fingers Automotive."

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