TVS Motor Company Launches Innovative Premium Electric Crossover TVS X, Setting New Global Standard for EV Industry

25 August 2023

TVS Motor Company, a renowned manufacturer of two and three wheelers, has announced that, in line with its commitment to providing sustainable mobility solutions to the world, We have launched the long-awaited flagship crossover EV, the TVS X, which is equipped with many industry-first features. With its stunning design, unrivaled performance and state-of-the-art technical features, this revolutionary bike sets a new benchmark for the global electric mobility industry and opens up a new category in the electric mobility segment. As a frontrunner in sustainable mobility solutions, TVS Motor Company aims to transform the EV segment and reaffirm its commitment to a more sustainable and cleaner future.

With the rapid introduction of EVs around the world, the TVS X is expected to play a pivotal role in creating a niche in the EV industry. Combining rider-machine interaction with rider-first engineering, this lean, clean machine was designed to inspire desire and was developed from the ground up in TVS Motor's R&D facility. Designed, developed and manufactured in India , the TVS X is equipped with powerful electric motors and advanced battery technology. The machine promises not only thrilling acceleration, but also incredible range with convenience and comfort, making it an ideal zero-emission, sophisticated electric mobility solution. This flagship EV from TVS Motor also introduces an array of safety features with a number of class-leading products, in line with the company's vision of creating products that are not only superior in performance but also clean, intuitive and technology-first. It has been. Designed for young Indians who are global trendsetters.

In a speech accompanying the unveiling, Sudarshan Venu, Managing Director of TVS Motor Company, said: “Our dedication to harnessing technology and innovation for a greener, more sustainable future has resulted in this incredibly desirable machine. It is a decisive moment in the journey to introduce the EV TVS X. The TVS X is designed for technology enthusiasts, trendsetters and visionaries around the world. will facilitate the transition to premium, yet sustainable and technologically advanced mobility solutions, with the TVS X leading the way to becoming a global benchmark for electric vehicles. The TVS X embodies innovation with radical thinking.With sustainability at its core, the TVS X embodies the next generation of clean mobility.The TVS X's superior performance, advanced aesthetics and integrated We believe it will redefine mobility around the world with a unique, intuitive and personalized experience.”

Reservations for TVS X can be made from our official website ( ). Deliveries in 15 cities will begin in stages from November 2023.

TVS X is available at Thrill Electric's introductory price of INR 2,49,990/- (former showroom in Bangalore). It comes with a portable 950W charger (including GST) for INR 16,275. A 3kW Smart X Home quick charger is also available as an option. Please note that the FAME incentive does not apply to TVS X.

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